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Most websites use cookies because they can improve the Internet experience of the users. In fact, cookies generally allow websites to offer customized services in order to improve the Internet experience of the user.
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Based on their duration, cookies are divided into temporary cookies (or session cookies) that are deleted automatically when closing the browser, and permanent cookies that are not deleted until the user erases them, or until the expiration date provided for by the website itself.
Most browsers accept cookies automatically.
Based on the type, a distinction is made between technical cookies and profiling cookies. The Data Protection Authority gives a definition of both categories: technical cookies are "(...) used for the sole purpose of processing the transmission of a communication via an electronic communications network, or when their use is strictly necessary for an information society service provider that has been requested by the user or the subscriber to provide a service”; profiling cookies, instead," (...) aim to create users’ profiles and are used in order to send advertising messages consistent with the user’s preferences while surfing the web".



The user can disable cookies in the browser settings.

  • Browsing with Google Chrome: 1. Chrome Settings; 2. Advanced Settings; 3. Privacy-Content Settings; 4. Cookies: here the user can customize the cookies installation according to his needs.





In order to facilitate the user in the reading and understanding of this legal notice, we remind the user that there are a wide variety of web browsers and that it is not possible to provide here an exhaustive list of them.
So as to disable cookies in a browser that is not listed in the previous paragraph, the user can enter in the navigation bar "HOW TO DISABLE COOKIES" adding the name of the browser that the he is using.

We also remind the user that the option "Block third-party cookies and site data" may cause a loss of information that is necessary for keeping the website running smoothly.

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As provided for in Article 13 (for more information click on here and Article 122 of the Italian Data Protection Code, the cookies used by the publisher of Autonoleggio Il Girasole website are defined as "technical cookies" (suitable for web surfing, sessions opening, web surfing in accordance with a number of user-selected criteria, such as language), essential to enable the user to move around the website and to use its features; without these cookies the users’ experience on this website may be less satisfactory.
This website also uses Google Analytics cookies (First-party cookies: "_utma; _utmz") aimed to distinguish between the data coming from the navigation session and the users and to monitor website visits. This information is gathered anonymously.
For more information, please read the following link
Subsequently these cookies do not aim to match the user’s web surfing with the user’s personal data.

- “NID”; Google - Advertising: it allows the customization of the ads that the user visits on Google. Expiration 12 November 2015.




It is important to know that, in some cases, third parties such as Google (for more information cookies /), Facebook (for more information, TripAdvisor (for more information html), LinkedIn (for more information; Twitter (for more information; Skype (for more information; YouTube (for more information, by means of the services provided to the user or of the corresponding advertising messages, may install in turn technical and / or profiling cookies on the user's computer, such as those relating to advertising aimed to send targeted ads to the user in line with his interests (that may also be used to limit the number of times the user sees an advertisement as well as help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign).
In general, cookies memorize the website visited by the user and this information is shared with third parties such as advertisers.

Autonoleggio Il Girasole doesn’t act as a technical intermediary for cookies between third parties and users.


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